Antique Coastal Farmhouse

This Antique Coastal Farmhouse in Marshfield, Massachusetts underwent a total overhaul, both inside and out.  We worked with the homeowners to retain the historical integrity of the grounds using the original granite slabs, brick, as well as the antique gate welcoming visitors to this historic home.

All the original brick, Weymouth Granite slabs, as well as the antique gate were torn out and set aside while new french drains were installed and water pipes were redirected.

Once the final groundwork was done, our team created a brand new walkway system using the original brick and slabs, and restored the gate to it’s original location welcoming visitors to the property.

When the owners purchased this property they knew they were investing in something special.  A historic home, rich with as many secrets as its hidden rooms, believed to be a stop on the Underground Railroad; it was important to the new owners to retain the historical integrity while incorporating the comforts of contemporary living.

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