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The homeowners had recently purchased the property and wanted to address overgrown foundation plantings, tennis court fencing riddled with vines, and a bleak pool area; all with great potential.


Never ones to sit around and watch someone else do the work; the homeowners were ready to roll up their sleeves and do some heavy lifting. However, they recognized the challenge of selecting and placing appropriate replacement trees, shrubs and plantings that would not only thrive on the property but also offer year round interest. They wanted to “think outside the boxwood” and do something different than the typical boxwood and hydrangea line up they had seen all around town but didn’t know where to start.


Maureen Allen Landscapes to the rescue!

Maureen consulted with the homeowners to understand their use of the property and outlined garden beds that would need to be carved and prepped for plantings.  The poolside garden was strategically placed across from the pool patio seating while in alignment with the view from the kitchen window so year-round color can be enjoyed from both inside and outside the home.

The homeowners fell in love with the willow trees and the way they would flutter in the breeze like fescue grass on a golf course.  Maureen suggested they line the tennis court forming a gorgeous natural barrier between the pool and court.

Before After

The foundation plantings installed 20 years ago had been placed too close to the foundation and had outgrown their initial footprint.   The homeowners had pulled overgrown rose bushes that had taken over the walkway and replaced them with five small boxwood.  Maureen advised removing the Alberta Spruce trees flanking the front door and replacing with right-size shrubs. Additionally, Maureen advised reducing the depth of the front garden beds and installing sod. Most of the plantings that were removed found a new home on the property.

Before After
Before After

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